Killa Kyleon Makes Lean On Me Tape All About H-Town

'It's a way of life out here,' rapper tells Mixtape Daily of Houston's syrup culture.

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Headliner: Killa Kyleon

Representing: Houston, Texas

Mixtape: Lean On Me

Real Spit: Houston, Texas has contributed a ton to hip-hop culture. From Scarface and the Geto Boys to DJ Screw and his Screwed Up Click, H-Town's reach expands far past Texas' borders to influence a whole new generation of MCs like Drake and A$AP Rocky. These days, Killa Kyleon is just carrying on tradition with his upcoming mixtape Lean On Me.

"The reason why I titled it Lean On Me is because it pretty much keeps everybody familiar with the culture of what it is we do down here," Killa told Mixtape Daily of his upcoming June tape, which plays off the popularity of lean, an illegal mixture of prescription cough syrup and soda.

Killa samples Bill Withers' 1972 classic of the same name on the title track and eulogizes fallen Texas legends. "First Screw died, then Fat Pat, now Hawk gone, then Big Moe/ Then Pimp passed and it's f---ed up, now the whole state's what I rep fo'," he spits to start.

"I'm screwed up 'till it's over n---a/ Got codeine in my soda n---a," he continues.

With "Swang," Kyleon unites his former Boss Hogg Outlawz running mate Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz and a syrupy, Jodeci-sampling H-Town anthem. Then, on "My Cadillac," Killa gives it up for Houston's car culture, rapping about candy paint, big rims and plenty of "slab" talk.

"This is really what we do. We ain't just rapping; it's a way of life out here," he said of his hometown. "Not to be like we're just trying to glorify the lean, but just to let you know, it's a Houston theme behind it."

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» "Esse" — " 'Esse' man, if you in them streets, you doing your thing, I ain't got to overelaborate what the meaning is."

» "My Cadillac" — "It's pretty much symbolizes our culture, how we roll and our cars, which we call me slabs."