Kelly Rowland Gets Beyonce, Michelle Williams To Say 'You've Changed'

New Talk a Good Game track reunites Destiny's Child to help shed a relationship gone bad.

When Kelly Rowland premiered her newest song "You've Changed," she wanted fans know that things are different. And mainly, it's the fact that she's not performing under Destiny's Child anymore; it's Kelly... featuring Beyoncé and Michelle Williams.

It's all part of a comeback that's launching her into a judges' seat on the "X Factor," on a tour with The-Dream and readying her upcoming Talk a Good Game album. The song, which debuted Monday on Blis FM, puts Rowland on top with sisters Michelle and Bey at her side.

"Ladies, y'all wanna do it again?" she asks, as the three spiral their voices in an intricate harmony. A bouncy hip-hop beat comes in and the trio takes turns swapping verses, singing about a love that they're finally letting go — with a pile of clichés. "I can say I'm done in a million ways, but let's not beat around the bush, let's cut to the chase. If love was a game, you just lost," they belt out.

"It's not a Destiny's Child track. It's me featuring Beyoncé and Michelle," Rowland told Billboard in April, adding that the jam "feels like everything I wanted to make as far as music and R&B. I wanted to make sure my roots were really pronounced on this album."

Rowland released "Dirty Laundry," another R&B track off the new LP, earlier this month. The highly emotional song details an abusive relationship and her jealousy of Beyoncé's success. Footage from Kelly's concert on Sunday shows the singer breaking down into tears at the climax of "Dirty Laundry," with fans cheering her on to end the song.

Fans have been showing support for Rowland's new track on Twitter. One fan wrote, " 'You've Changed' is a theraputic song. i love it! & it reminds me of 'Girl'. but this maybe a part 2. yall still got it @kellyrowland :) :*," and others shared their excitement for the upcoming album.

"You've Changed" will get an official release June 4, and Talk a Good Game, with production by The-Dream and cameos from Pharrell and Wiz Khalifa, drops June 18.