'The Voice' Alum Josiah Hawley Faced A 'Difficult' Battle

'I think it's tough when I'm introduced as the model,' Hawley tells MTV News.

Pretty people don't always have it easy. Just ask former "The Voice" contestant Josiah Hawley. Team Usher's resident dreamboat was eliminated on Tuesday night, along with Shakira's Kris Thomas after the two received the lowest votes of the night.

Despite season three being frontlined by powerhouse female vocalists, the model-turned-church singer faced an uphill battle because of his good looks. Coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Shakira often commented on his hair or the attention he received from the ladies over his singing, possibly resulting in fewer votes being cast. "She's basically hitting on you now," Levine told the top 10 contestant after Shakira compared him to her husband.

"I think it's tough when I'm introduced as the model," Hawley revealed to MTV News. "Automatically that makes people have assumptions and then they're viewing you in a different way. It's very difficult. As the show progressed, they were able to show more of who I am, more of just, my life."

Hawley received tough criticism on his last live performance on Monday night, taking on Coldplay's "Clocks." Levine and Shakira both felt the song was too lofty a choice for the pop rocker, although Hawley has no "regrets" about his decision, "Honestly, I feel good about the whole process. Like I'm bummed to have left the show, that's a bummer, I really enjoyed working with Usher and I really enjoyed all the people."

But you don't have to shed too many tears for Hawley. Being taken under the wing of megastar Usher has its advantages (besides Bieber concert tickets), including learning some major life lessons.

"I mean with Usher, he led by example," Hawley said, recalling his last group performance with the legend to "The Look of Love," where Usher called an extra off-hours rehearsal to ensure they were all on point, including the superstar himself, teaching the up-and-comer the value of hard work at all levels of a career.

In the end, Hawley said his music will eventually take main stage. "It's like, I look how I look and that's fine and that's great but that's not who I am. Who I am is what's inside, it's what I want to show people with my music," he said candidly.

He'll be getting his chance soon. It seems his coach has reached out to connect beyond show walls and Hawley currently has a new EP out on iTunes.

"The Voice" continues live rounds on Monday as the remaining eight contestants sing for their dreams.