Kim Kardashian Confirms Kanye West's Yeezus Title And Release Date

West's girlfriend Instagrams picture of album cover and confirms June 18 release date in tweet.

Very little seems to happen by chance in Kanye West's world, so it was likely no coincidence that just as the MC was taking the stage for his "Saturday Night Live" gig his girlfriend Kim Kardashian confirmed when we'll have new Yeezy music.

In a post that rapidly bounced around the hip-hop world, Kardashian Instagrammed what appeared to be the album's cover, as well as the rumored title, Yeezus. The picture includes a CD case with what looks like a melted gold Jesus piece on the cover next to a pair of unreleased red Nike Air Yeezy IIs, a piece of red gaffer tape with the title on it and the message, "#Yeezus #RedYeezy's #SNL #Tonight #NewSlaves #YeezySeason #Donda #June18."

West debuted "New Slaves" by projecting the video for the song on 66 locations across the globe on Friday and then made a triumphant return to "Saturday Night Live" to perform the new song "Black Skinhead."

Backed by a live band and dressed in a studded black leather biker jacket and red Air Yeezy II's, he let out screams over a sparse drum track and melody culled from Marilyn Manson's 1996 hit "The Beautiful People." He later tweeted what appeared to be the lyric sheet from the song, which features the lines, "4 in the morning/And I'm zoning/They say I'm possessed/It's an omen/I keep it 300/Like the Romans." For his second performance he did "New Slaves."

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Although various sites were reporting that West's album is available for pre-order now on his official site, at press time, MTV News' search turned up no such leads at But Kardashian's Instagram does solve the questions surrounding Kanye's mystery tweet a few weeks back, in which the rapper simply wrote, "June Eighteen," and nothing else. And the title, Yeezus, would appear to align with 'Ye's ongoing fascination with religious symbols and rhetoric, including shouting, "I am God!" during his set at this month's Met Ball.

Shortly before Kim's Instagram on Saturday, Kendrick Lamar nodded to Kanye's unique approach to making new music. "That whole marketing scheme is crazy. It's very inspiring," Lamar told MTV News' Sway Calloway shortly after finishing his set at Hangout Music Festival. After a while you get to a point in hip-hop where certain tactics get watered down. How much music can you release on the Internet to get it hot? How many singles can you put out? How many videos can you possibly do?"