Cher Lloyd: Singer And Actress?

'Swagger Jagger' singer opens up to MTV News about her acting debut on 'Big Time Rush.'

Cher Lloyd is certainly no stranger to the small screen. She got her start as a contestant on "X Factor" U.K., and now U.S. audiences will be treated to her bold, feisty persona when she appears on "Big Time Rush."

"I'm very nervous to see it, actually. I haven't seen it and this is the first thing I've ever really done within acting. You know because I'm a singer I can kind of be let off a little bit if it's rubbish," she laughed to MTV News. "I had such a great time there. And it was kind of crazy because you see the other actors and actresses and they're so young and yet they've been doing it for such a long time. They're so experienced. And then someone like me who gets to be onstage all the time, it was quite difficult."

Cher plays herself in an episode airing Thursday on Nick. Her drama revolves around Big Time Rusher James, who creates an Internet rumor he's recording with the Brit pop singer. Lloyd added, "I was very impressed and kind of blown away by the fact that they were so good."

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After her "BTR" appearance airs, Cher will put the finishing touches on her sophomore album. And, on it, the "Want U Back" singer is set to show the world how much she's grown as a performer since dropping Sticks & Stones.

"I would say that the album's almost done now and I'm very excited about it. But I feel like the person I am now is very different to the person I was two years ago when I recorded Sticks & Stones. And I feel like I've obviously grown up and I have such a different opinion of the world we live in now. And I have different opinions on how I am musically and how I am personally," she said. "And that definitely shows through on many of the tracks on the new album."

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While Lloyd is known for gutsy, up-tempo jams, she'll slow it down more on her next release. She added that she doesn't "feel like I'm the bubble gum princess I used to be."

"It's gonna make a lot of people aware of the fact that I feel very strong and I feel very ready and that's the whole vibe I'm giving off with this next album," she said. "Just listening back to some of the songs that I recorded, I feel great about the fact that people are actually going to be able to hear me sing and to really hear my voice. There a good couple of songs on this next album that could probably bring up a tear or two."