Avril Lavigne Takes Fans To Prom In 'Never Growing Up' Video

Lavigne talks to MTV News about the clip for her new single, co-written by her fiancé, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger.

What better way to celebrate arrested development than with a prom-themed music video, right? That's just what Avril Lavigne is doing in her clip for her new single, "Here's to Never Growing Up."

Looking a bit like the beauty queen featured on Hole's classic Live Through This album, Lavigne and her band party like it's high school all over again in the soon-to-be-released video. MTV News was on set with the singer, who explained just why she wanted to don some formal wear for the clip.

"We're at prom, and the guys look amazing," she said, referring to her band who threw on some rented tuxes for the video. "I had my own concept for this video. And then last minute, we changed it because the director came up with a concept and the concept was just 'prom.' And that was really it."

With the treatment as straight-forward as "prom," and the video coincidentally dropping just in time for prom season, the singer immediately jumped on board to put the new treatment into action. She added, "I thought, 'That's an awesome idea,' 'cause we can dress up, the band can be in cool tuxedos. That was way more fun than I anticipated."

"Never Growing Up" is the lead single off Lavigne's follow-up to 2011's Goodbye Lullaby. It was co-written by her fiancé, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger. Much like the video, the tune celebrates youthful effervescence.

Speaking of formal wear, Lavigne will soon wear a wedding gown, as she preps to walk down the aisle with Kroeger in the near future. "That's how we met: We met in the studio, and I was really excited to work with him because he's also a musician. [We] wrote a bunch of songs together, became really good friends, and now we have a wedding," she told Ryan Seacrest last month, when she premiered the song.

"It's kind of just a lot of close friends and family. It is smaller. It's gonna be quite spectacular, and there's a theme to it. But Chad doesn't even know everything," she added about the nuptials. "It was just one of those things we knew. We met in the studio, and he proposed in the studio. He had taken a photo of himself holding the ring box [and put it in my scrapbook]. He put in 'Will you marry me?' It was really romantic, and it kind of made sense. We met making the record ... and he got down on one knee."