Fantasia Is 'Talking About Everything' on Side Effects

The 'Lose To Win' singer elaborates on exploring all sides of herself on the April album release.

On her just-released album, The Side Effects of You, Fantasia is out to prove she's a survivor.

"I think when I say the title people are like 'Are you taking about one certain person?' But I'm actually talking about everything. I'm talking about the industry, relationships, friendships, family. There's so much that comes with all of this and so for so long I kind of stopped working cause I had a bittersweet taste in my mouth, just about everything," she explained to MTV News. But, after hearing stories from her fans about their own experiences, both good and bad, she knew it was time to create again.

"It's my baby. It's rock soul. I got it tatted. When I say rock, [I mean] the Tina Turners, the Queens, the Elton Johns. And the soul is the Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin and the gospel in me," she elaborated. "It's a little bit of both, and I think everybody will enjoy it."

While she recently dazzled with her single, "Lose to Win," on "Idol," she's excited to hear what fans have to say about her Emeli Sandé-penned title track, in which she faces her demons. Fantasia implied that the song was in part inspired by her tumultuous 2010, during which she was hospitalized following an overdose.

"She actually wrote the song for me and sent the song in," she explained, noting that her team was initially skeptical to play it for her. "I think he felt like maybe the song is very deep and it's actually a testimony of mine and it's actually something that I went through that isn't a secret. It's very public. And I said 'You know what? I thank her for this song cause the song is able to tell everybody who has questions or who wants to know what happened ... you can hear it in that song.' "

The singer confirmed that her next single will be her Missy Elliott/Kelly Rowland collaboration, "Without You." Without revealing too much about it, she teased, "Just know we have a very big message."

Fantasia has one more message to share with her fans. After stopping by "Idol" earlier this month, she's giving the new judges — Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban — her seal of approval. "You know, I think it's different, but I'm down for different. Everything can't stay the same," she said, noting she does miss seeing the original panel at the table. "There's always going to have to be change. They have legends on the stage, Mariah Carey, Randy [Jackson]. I mean everybody on the stage are musical babies, so I love that. So I'm down for the change ... I think that they're doing great. It shows the variety of the panel."