Taylor Swift's Ed Sheeran Duet Will Be Her Next U.K. Red Single

'Everything Has Changed' marks the next U.K. release off her massive 2012 album.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are ready to take their relationship to the next level with some radio airplay. Swift will drop her duet with her ginger-haired tourmate, "Everything Has Changed," as the next U.K. single off her massive 2012 album, Red.

The sweet love ballad marks her fifth U.K. single off the album, following in the footsteps of her uptempo ode to youthful shenanigans, "22." No word on if Swift and Sheeran, who recently won our Musical March Madness trophy, will shoot a video for it.

In the past two months, Sheeran has been joining Swift onstage during her Red tour to team up on the song. And Sheeran admitted back in February that there's a good chance they could end up collaborating on new music again, spending their downtime on the road writing tunes with one another.

"We're male and female, but we do exactly the same thing like we're both the same age, we both write songs with guitars we both tour playing acoustic music and that's kind of it," Sheeran said of their songwriting compatibility. "We've got a similar sense of humor. I guess we just have a lot in common."

In fact, Sheeran previously admitted that songwriting session with Swift can be pretty spur of the moment. "Taylor writes songs in all different situations," Sheeran told us last summer. "I remember we went out. Where did we go? I think we were in the car to the studio and she took her phone out and mumbled something and sort of put it back. And I was like 'What was that?' and she was like 'Oh, I was just singing down ideas.'

"She does that all the time. It's a good way to do it. She's one of very few people left in the industry that actually worries about the songs that she sings, like she actually wants to write them herself," he added. "Which I think is a very positive thing."