2 Chainz Not Guilty On Pot Possession Charge

Security guard says he packed the bag that police found on rapper's bus in Maryland.

Whether you're flying, driving or boating, the "never let someone else pack your bags" rule should always be in effect. That's the lesson 2 Chainz learned on Wednesday when a Talbot County District Court found him not guilty of marijuana possession

"Boxing gloves I beat the trial," Chainz tweeted after the verdict came down.

The MC was hit with the charges after police stopped a van Chainz (born Tauheed Epps) was traveling in on the way to a concert at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore on February 14. They smelled pot when they approached the van and searched it, finding a metal pot grinder and marijuana inside a camouflage-colored bag. Chainz was arrested for marijuana possession, though he later said told police he doesn't smoke.

He famously posted a picture of himself post-arrest posing with two of the officers who arrested him.

According to the Star-Democrat, when police began arresting Chainz and charging him with possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia court witnesses said he asked the rest of the crew who owned the grinder.

It was then that security guard Harold Folsome, Jr. stepped up and took responsibility for the grinder being in the bag. Folsome said during the trial that before the stop the group was at a hotel in Baltimore getting ready for the show when he grabbed some items around the room and put them in the camo bag and loaded it into the van.

Folsome said the grinder was not his and he didn't know who owned it, but that he was in a rush to leave for the show and didn't pay attention to what was going into the bag. He told the police the grinder was his at the time be cause he put it in the bag and felt responsible for it. The judge said that the grinder was "clearly" in Chainz's bag, but that the Grammy-nominated
 rapper could not be found responsible for owning it.