Nicki Minaj Killed Ciara's 'I'm Out'

'She literally murdered it,' Ciara tells MTV News of her and Nicki Minaj's next collaboration.

Nicki Minaj and Ciara had such chemistry creating for the Young Money Barbie's "I'm Legit" that they decided to do it again on Ciara's upcoming self-titled album. The as-of-yet unheard "I'm Out" once again pairs Nicki and CiCi, and if you let the Atlanta singer tell it, it's worth the wait.

"The energy of the record is so dope, and it's really for the ladies, and Nicki she just killed the verse," Ciara told MTV News on Monday. "She literally murdered it, like she got that throw-back, that thing that she does that's so special. She went in."

Nicki also gushed about Ciara's upcoming album when we spoke to her at the top of the month. "I was supposed to only do one song for her album and I think I'm going to end up doing two," Minaj said. "I just love what she's doing and I'm so proud and I'm really excited for people to hear it."

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On Nicki's "I'm Legit," the pair rap and sing about being at the top of their respective game, even when they aren't in full makeup or diva garb. It's quite the girl anthem. As of now, only "I'm Out" is the only Nicki-collab slated to appear on Ciara, but CiCi confirmed that there may be another. "It's looking like it. She's actually finishing up one now that's really it's a monster too," she said. "The moments that we have had so far have just been crazy. It's just been magical, it's been something special and I feel like the fans have always wanted to see she and I rock together."