Justin Bieber's Latest Tat: Does It Look Like Selena Gomez?

Bieber has fans playing 'guess who?' with his new tattoo, which he premiered in Stockholm.

After Justin Bieber premiered a koi fish tattoo last Saturday in Denmark, he has added yet another piece to his arm after touching down in Stockholm, Sweden, for his Believe Tour. And, this latest tat has fans buzzing, suggesting that the woman drawn on his forearm, directly underneath the fish, resembles Selena Gomez.

The new ink, which was first seen as he walked out of his hotel Tuesday, outlines angel wings with a woman's face in the center. The likeness quickly had fans posting side-by-sides of the new tattoo with a photograph of Gomez from a 2012 Elle magazine photo shoot in which she's sporting a similar, low-cut dress; her hair also down and flowing.

In addition to marking his tour dates with fresh ink, Justin's been keeping track of his time on the road by writing new songs, which have been billed as "music journals," manager Scooter Braun revealed to MTV News. The songs may serve as inspiration for his next album.

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"Well I don't ever disclose what our plans are, but I will say this: he's been writing one to two songs a day for the entire tour and he actually labels them by the city he writes them in," Braun shared. "We started calling it his 'music journal' and we're talking about what should come next musically," he added about the songs. "And I think creatively he just wants to share all his thoughts through music."

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