Chris Brown Predicts Even 'Bigger' Career In 10 Years

'Now it's about shaping my life,' Breezy tells MTV News as he gears up for album X.

Although it's been eight years since Chris Brown dropped his self-titled debut, the pop star has been working in the music biz since 2003, spending two years perfecting his song-and-dance before his first album ever hit stores. With that in mind, Breezy's upcoming X release is meant, in part, to commemorate his 10th year in the game.

So having done so much already, what does Brown have planned for the next 10?

"Hopefully in 10 years, I'll be bigger than I've ever been — hopefully," Chris told MTV News when he visited our studio on Friday.

Since dropping that first album in 2005, Brown has gone on to release four more LPs, selling millions of records and touring the world as he became a pop superstar. At just 23, the singer has realized many of the dreams he had while still in his teens. "I've accomplished so much of my goals, just from being from Virginia, being able to take my mom, and my parents and certain people out of poverty that I grew up with," he said. "That's one of my main goals that I focused on and now it's about shaping my life."

While Breezy's bread-and-butter is still music, he has a ton of artistic aspirations beyond that. Over the course of the next decade, Chris revealed he would like to become established as a songwriter, video director, music exec and painter. It doesn't seem that he'll be abandoning his solo career anytime soon, but the "Fine China" singer will certainly continue to expand his repertoire.

"I think being able to write for great artists — J.Lo, collaborating, working on her album — and doing stuff that I never thought possible," he said, trying to find the words to match his lofty ambitions.

So far, Brown seems off to a strong start. He's particularly proud of his paintings and being able to work with Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto. Still, Chris doesn't limit himself to just one medium. "Everything that I do creatively, whether it be skating, anything that I try to put my hands onto, hopefully [I'm] excelling in it and, you know, making people see the light at the end of the tunnel," he said.

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