Psy Preps 'Gentleman' As 'Gangnam Style' Follow

Single will be released on April 12.

It's been a long wait, but Psy is finally ready to unleash the long-awaited sequel to his global smash "Gangnam Style." Fittingly for a man who is always dressed for a night out, the song is called "Gentleman," and, according to a Reuters report it will be released on April 12.

The first public performance of the song, which, of course, will also have its own signature dance, will be at an April 13 show to be broadcast on YouTube. "The new song is extremely fun and ... what I can tell you is the song title is 'Gentleman'", Psy told a Korean TV station on Monday, hinting that the accompanying fancy footwork might be a takeoff on traditional moves his home country fans might recognize. "I can't tell you about the dance but all Koreans know this dance - but (those in) other countries haven't seen it."

Psy has asked his fans to show up at the show in Seoul's World Cup Stadium in all white clothes, giving them some ideas by posting images of himself in white spacesuits and bridal gowns.

The singer teased the new music last month, when he revealed that the next single would be unveiled at his April 13 worldwide "happening."
 The world has been anxiously awaiting
 the next move from Psy, who tided us over earlier this year with an EP of "Gangnam" remixes
 featuring Tyga, Afrojack and 2 Chainz.