Lil Wayne Reveals: ‘I’m An Epileptic’

'I could've died soon,' Weezy tells L.A. radio station, clearing up rumors about his health and weighing in on 2013 'Hottest MCs.'

There’s been a ton of questions surrounding Lil Wayne’s health lately, and on Thursday, the larger-than-life rap icon put the speculation to rest when he revealed that he suffers from epilepsy.

Weezy called into Power 106 in Los Angeles on Thursday and spoke with DJ Felli Fel about a host of topics, including his most recent hospitalization on March 12. Initially, reports stated that the star MC was being prepared for his last rites and had to have his stomach pumped multiple times due to high amounts of codeine in his system. It was suggested that Wayne’s seizures were a result of a syrup addiction, but Wayne finally told his side of the story.

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