'Real World' Premiere Is All About Portland ... And Playboy

Producer Jonathan Murray talks to MTV News about 28th season, premiering tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

SANTA MONICA, California — Over its 28 seasons, "The Real World" has revisited New York (seasons 1, 10 and 21), L.A. (2 and 20), Las Vegas (12 and 25), New Orleans (9 and 24) and San Diego (14 and 26) — so how is it possible tonight's premiere at 10 p.m. marks the show's first venture to Portland, Oregon?

"Portlandia" has especially put the city and its hipster culture on the map since debuting in 2011, so it was only a matter of time before we got to see what happens when eight strangers cohabitate in the Pacific Northwest hub. When MTV News caught up with "RW" mastermind Jonathan Murray last week, he explained why the location made perfect sense.

"Portland for the new season of 'The Real World' is sort of like the city we've been waiting for," he said. "It is just so incredibly cool and so weird. And I think that's part of its charm. It's not a huge city, but there's definitely a there there. You can quantify it, you can see it, you can feel it. And I think that's great for a 'Real World' cast. Portland, it's not an intimidating city, so I think the cast felt very comfortable, very quickly embraced and very quickly made friends within the city."

And that Portland vibe even made its way to the roomies' interior design. "The whole hipster feeling of Portland, even if you look at our loft where the kids live, a lot of it is recycled, found materials from vintage stores and that kind of stuff," Murray revealed. "We really tried to embrace that whole feeling of Portland."

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The trailer for season 28 teases some serious bombshells to come, but one of the most lighthearted is the revelation that a female castmember posed nude. The guys were overjoyed to see her centerfold pics, with one even admitting in the confessional, surrounded by his fellow bros, "I want to talk to Joi's butt!"

"One of our castmembers, Joi, was in Playboy, and the guys are very excited about her butt," Murray laughed. "I actually love that moment. They go into the confessional, and they're so gleeful. They're like little 14-year-old boys. And I think it really captured that guy friendship that they have."

"The Real World: Portland" premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV! For more "Real World" coverage, visit the MTV Remote Control blog.