Miley Cyrus Twerks Out Over Liam Hemsworth's Return

Miley's twerking video, complete with a Unicorn onesie, becomes a trending topic as fiancé Liam Hemsworth returns to the States.

"Such a DOPE day," Miley Cyrus tweeted Wednesday when fiancé Liam Hemsworth touched down in the United States after being gone for weeks.

One can only assume this news was so exciting that it moved Miley to ... twerk. The teen queen uploaded a video to her Facebook page Wednesday, dancing to the J Dash and Flo Rida song "WOP," with the hashtags #1Z #TWERK #WOP.

Within hours, #Mctwerkteam had become a Twitter trending topic. Pharrell Williams,, Nelly, Amber Rose and French Montana all got in on the twerk love, retweeting the video of Miley popping her buns in a unicorn onesie to their millions of collective followers.

There are no pictures of Liam and Miley together just yet, but the Internet rejoiced when the teen pop star shared photos in her onesie with her engagement ring front and center. The ring, which was MIA several times during Liam's absence, prompted rumors that Miley and her "Last Song" co-star had called off their engagement.

Miley did use the time apart to work on her album, drop by a rap video set and get a new heart tattoo. And, clearly, learning how to twerk.

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