Lil Wayne Premieres Priceless 'R.A.F.' Video: Watch Now!

2 Chainz helps out his rap pal on the cash-filled clip.

Lil Wayne has a ton of money, but rather than blow it on a run-of-the-mill rap video, the YMCMB rhyme specialist spent his hard-earned cash on an artistic look with his new clip for "R.A.F."

The track's title acrimoniously breaks down to "Rich as F---" and will appear on Weezy's upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II. The song features his rap buddy 2 Chainz and, like most Wayne songs, it finds the veteran lyricist bragging about his rhyming skills and sexual prowess. The look of the video, however, is unique and stands out from previous Human Being II clips like "Love Me" and the "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"-inspired "No Worries."

The Parris-directed vid, which premiered on Friday (March 22) on MTV2, MTV Jams and mtvU, opens with a lady in red strutting across a moonlit desert before we find Wayne primed for a spirited performance. "Never talk to the cops, I don't speak Pig Latin/ I turned a penny to a mother---in' Janet Jackson," Weezy spits, rocking sunglasses at night, hair long and skateboard, of course, in tow.

Wayne delivers each line with a natural ferocity. The star rapper commands the cameras' attention on a barren set, though we do get rapid-fire glimpses of high-end props like an intricate globe and clear-cased speakers, which thump with every bass hit. It's clearly Wayne's world up until he tosses to Chainz for the song's hook.

"Look at you, now look at us/ All my n---as rich as f---," Deuce spits from the top of a glowing cube, as he performs his patented bounce with his lanky arms waving recklessly in the air.

As the sun rises, Weezy drives off in a red sports car, seated next to one of his "bad" women, who mans the steering wheel. Aside from the principle rappers and gang of stately video models, fans are treated to scenes with martial artists and X Game-like bike tricks. Each visual stunt is delivered on cue with a specific Weezy lyric. When he spits "I eat that cat just like a lion," a jungle cat moseys onto the screen.

There's no real storyline to "R.A.F." because one isn't needed; we all know how it ends — with Weezy laughing all the way to the bank!

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