Justin Timberlake Focuses Fans On 20/20 Goodies: Access Granted!

Justin's website lets fans unlock special content throughout the week to celebrate The 20/20 Experience's release on Tuesday.

Justin Timberlake is holding nothing back. On Monday (March 18), he announced that his website will roll out special behind-the-scenes content each day this week around the making of The 20/20 Experience, which hits stores Tuesday.

Justin's keeping his "20/20 vision" theme going, as fans have to unlock the site to get to the goodies. How do you unlock it? By getting the password from an eye chart, of course.

Day 1 of the exclusive content included his explanation on how Justin derived the album's title. "As we were going through the recording process, I felt like there was a lot of the sounds that seemed very visual, if that sort of makes sense," he said. "So I came up with this whole idea about music that you can see, and that's what really gave me the idea for the album title, The 20/20 Experience, which obviously is a play on vision."

The site also contained a number of audio clips and a swanky black-and-white photo gallery from the album's recording sessions last summer. Oh, and how's this for special access: Fans can even sign up to win a trip to attend both of Jay-Z and JT's New York City Legends of the Summer tour dates as a VIP.

Justin Timberlake gets the crowd "turned up" at SXSW.

In an effort to be as inescapable as possible, JT allowed fans to stream the entire album on iTunes for free last week. And Roots drummer ?uestlove confirmed that a release date has been set for a second volume. "20/20 Vol. 2 comes out in Nov. 10 songs now ... 10 songs later = 20 vision," he wrote on an okayplayer.com message board.

What will Day 2 hold? We'll be hitting JustinTimberlake.com to unlock the magic as well.