Mindless Behavior 'More Experienced' On All Around The World

Boy band released their sophomore album Tuesday.

Since their debut release #1 Girl in 2011, Mindless Behavior have been touring nonstop, which led them to their appropriately titled sophomore effort, All Around the World, which was released Tuesday (March 12).

"The first one, we were looking for our #1 girls, so everything we did was based around that, even the tour," Princeton told MTV News of their debut album. "And since we went overseas and we're more experienced, we named it All Around the World, and we're hoping to reach fans all around the world."

"Basically, you get to travel the world and you mature a lot because you get to experience a lot of things," Ray Ray said. "So this album, you can relate to it a lot more because we have more to talk about."

The quartet set the tone of the album with lead single "Keep Her on the Low," an upbeat dance track whose deceptive lyrics had some fans questioning the band's good-guy personas.

"It's pretty much me and the boys. We're 16, 17, so it's like, if we are talking to a girl, we just want to keep her on the low," Prodigy explained.

Ray Ray added, "That's our personal lives and we don't want to get it mixed into the business, so we just keep it on the low to ourselves."

Mindless Behavior are currently riding high off their latest single, the album's title track, but are looking forward for Team Mindless to hear some of their other favorite tracks, which show off their musical and lyrical growth.

"Mine is 'Your Favorite Song,' " Ray Ray said of his favorite song, which is featured on the deluxe edition of their record available only at Target. "Basically, you tell a girl 'I'm your favorite song. Everything I tell you is what you like to listen to so you can turn me up, turn me down.' "

Princeton revealed that the club-ready track "Brightside" is his favorite song, with Prodigy adding, "Mine would be 'Video.' That beat is so tight."

Yet that's not all: In addition to releasing their new album, their documentary "Mindless Behavior: All Around the World" hits theaters Friday.

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