Justin Bieber Fans Attack! Olivia Wilde Faces The Wrath Of Bieber Nation

The actress dared to suggest Bieber put on a shirt, becomes the latest to draw the ire of Bieber's fans.

Here's a pretty good rule of thumb: If you don't have anything nice to say about Justin Bieber, don't say anything at all.

Just ask actress Olivia Wilde, the latest in a long line of folks to feel the wrath of Bieber Nation simply because they dared to speak ill of JB ... or, more specifically, his sartorial sense.

It all went down on Friday, when Wilde took to Twitter to share her thoughts about Bieber's recent shirtless photos in London (where the newly-minted 19-year-old is performing a run of shows/lamenting his lousy birthday), writing, simply: "Bieber, put your f---ing shirt on."

As you would probably expect, this didn't go over too well with the True Beliebers, who have spent the 72 hours since ripping her a new one with grammatically adventurous tweets, threats of wanton violence and whatever the heck this is. Wilde has yet to respond to any of the taunts — and, really, she probably shouldn't — lest she ends up like Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney.

Carney, of course, reached new heights of infamy — and earned a small modicum of admiration from folks the world over — after he bravely took on Bieber Nation last month, not only re-tweeting several of their most, uh, zesty messages to him, but claiming to be Bieber on Twitter. He's since stopped the shenanigans, but still dares to poke the beast on rare occasions, much to the consternation of JB fans everywhere.

Though, really, this is nothing new ... ever since Bieber rocketed to superstardom, his fanatics have been quick to lash out at anyone who has wronged him. Witness their mean-spirited tweets at Esperanza Spalding, who bested Bieber at the Grammys and then was accused of "crush[ing] a 16-year-old boy's dreams." Or their war against actor/singer Drake Bell, who felt the fury after suggesting Bieber was too young to release a bio pic (they also took it upon themselves to slag a charity Bell was attached to). And just last month, they ripped a 15-year-old girl who got re-tweeted by Bieber himself, presumably because she wasn't a big enough fan.

Reporters, former girlfriends and even deceased rock icons have also been targets, proving that no one is truly safe from the scourge of Bieber Nation. Will the acrimony ever end? As long as Bieber keeps taking shirtless strolls — and the Internet exists — we're willing to bet the answer is no. Oh, and Beliebers, if you take umbrage with any of this, well, our writer's Twitter handle is conveniently located at the top of this article. Fire away, guys.

Will the True Believers ever tire of defending Justin? Let us know in the comments below.