'Jack The Giant Slayer' Follicular Face-Off: Ewan McGregor Vs. Stanley Tucci

The actors of upcoming fairy-tale film debate who had the best 'do.

Nicholas Hoult (and a rabble of performance-captured behemoths) may get top billing in Bryan Singer's upcoming fairy-tale epic "Jack the Giant Slayer," but we'd like to single out one of the film's unsung hero for a little recognition. It's hair. Perhaps you've heard of it? More specifically, we're talking about the coifs atop stars Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci.

When MTV News caught up with the affable duo recently inside England's historic Hampton Court Palace, we just had to ask which possesses the best on-screen tresses.

"He does 'cause it's real," Tucci declared, gesturing to McGregor.

"I had a great haircut in this film," McGregor agreed.

"Great beard, too. This little thing," Tucci continued, twirling a faux mustache.

"I didn't have the teeth you had," McGregor conceded. "You had the whole looking going on."

It's true. In fact, Tucci has a history of teeth acting, having donned fake grins for both "The Lovely Bones" and "The Hunger Games." So what's his secret?

"Just get them. Just get them," he said. "Stick them in and everyone says, 'Oh, you're a chameleon.' And you think, 'No, I just have different teeth.'"

"But they were classy," McGregor said. "They were so perfect for him."

In the end, Tucci agreed that it's the hair, teeth and clothes that make the man. "It's all of it," he said. "You've gotta figure out what's right for you. And sometimes it really is just looking in the mirror and doing this [gestures] with your mustache or doing this with your eyebrows. And the thing with the wig, and you go, 'Well, that's it. That's the guy.'"

Even if the guy's hair isn't quite as spectacular as Ewan McGregor's.

"Jack the Giant Slayer" opens March 1.

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