Mindless Behavior Break It Down For 'Keep It On The Low': Watch Now!

Guys perform two All Around the World singles in the MTV Newsroom during 'Valentine's Day Live With Mindless Behavior.'

Mindless Behavior are known for their slick dances moves and heart-melting lyrics, and last week we got a firsthand look at both during a live performance in the MTV Newsroom.

Before sitting down for an extended interview on "Valentine's Day Live with Mindless Behavior," the quartet performed two of the latest singles off their upcoming album, All Around the World, in front of an intimate crowd with some of their biggest fans.

All dressed up in matching suits and ties, the boy band kicked things off with a performance of "All Around the World," working the crowd as they encouraged them to "put their hands in the sky and wave them side to side" and showed off their dance moves. After singing about trying to find that perfect girl, they then seamlessly transitioned into "Keep Her on the Low" about "breaking hearts and getting to the money."

"It's pretty much me and the boys. We're 16, 17 so it's like if we are talking to a girl we just want to keep her on the low," Prodigy said of the lyrics of the song, with Ray Ray adding, "That's our personal lives and we don't want to get it mixed into the business so we just keep it on the low to ourselves."

Mindless Behavior are set to release their sophomore effort on March 12.