Dirty South Teases Track Tidbits In Exclusive Speed Of Life Clip: Watch!

Producer gives a behind-the-scenes look at recording first album.

Dirty South certainly isn't new to the world of EDM. The Aussie producer has been at it for nearly 10 years, producing dozens of EPs, singles and remixes, two of which earned him Grammy nods for Best Remixed Recording in 2008 and 2011. But March 5 will mark the first time the DJ drops a full-length album, Speed of Life, and MTV News has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look right here.

"I've finally done it," Dragan Roganovic, the man behind Dirty South, says in the clip. He links Speed of Life to his life on the road, getting inspiration from the cities he visited on his City of Dreams Tour, which wrapped up in November.

"This is a soundtrack to where my music is at the moment — different sounds, different influences," Roganovic says, while footage shows him strumming on guitars and mandolins and pressing piano pedals. "You know, I love hip-hop, rock, guitars, a lot of guitars, a lot of trance, emotional sounds. I love classical music. This is a reflection of that, and it's all mashed up into one album."

Perhaps Dirty South's most precious instrument is his laptop, which stars in the making-of-the-album vid (along with giant soundboards, laser-lit dance parties and a big jar of Nutella nestled behind him in a studio shot). "I use my laptop for everything. So I could be in a big-ass studio, I could be in coffee shop, or a plane or a hotel, and I could always make music and work on ideas."

Speed of Life will be released only on iTunes until the end of the month, when it'll be distributed to other electronic vendors. Album collaborators include Joe Gil and Rudy, who make appearances in the video while recording "Until the End" and "Something Like You," respectively.

Does the behind-the-scenes look get you amped up for Speed of Life? Tell us in the comments!