Lil Wayne Promises Water And Bed Full Of Women In 'Love Me' Video

Weezy is set to premiere video with Drake and Future on Thursday at 6 a.m. ET on MTV, MTV 2, Jams, Hits and mtvU.

As you could probably guess, Lil Wayne doesn't have a ton of free time, but the superstar rapper knows how to make time for the important things.

"I just got out of a bedroom full of water and three women," Weezy told MTV News last month when he shot his upcoming video for " Love Me" in Hollywood. "The water was cold and they were all over me and I had my shirt off so I'll probably have pneumonia by the end of this interview, but it's all good. I ain't trippin'."

The latest single from Tune's upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II features both Future and Wanye's Young Money brother Drake on the hook. Already the track has grown to be a hit and Wayne hopes that the video, which will premiere on MTV, MTV 2, Jams, Hits and mtvU on Thursday at 6 a.m. ET, will too.

"The concept of the video is really just to create awesome scenery. A scenery that every man... anyone wanna be in," he said of the Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip.

The scenery was so enticing that Future and Drake also carved time out of their jam-packed schedule to join the prolific rap icon on set. "I appreciate them for doin' this because I'm quite sure they're hella busy like I am, but I ain't never too busy to get in a bed with three women, with water everywhere," he joked with a straight face.

Wayne is no stranger to hit-making, but this Mike WiLL Made It-produced winner was served to him on a silver platter with Drizzy and Future's melodic hook already in place. All Weezy had to do was add his wit-filled, sex-laced lyrics. "I think Future gave me that song with the hook on it already if I ain't mistaken," he said. "I just put some words to it and put it out and gave it a shot. I hoped people liked it and they did so here we go."