Justin Bieber Makes Up For Grammy Live-Stream Fail With New Song

'My fans are just overpopulating the sites,' Bieber says in a video message posted on Sunday night.

It was probably an intended swipe at the It was probably an intended swipe at the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 10) when Justin Bieber conveniently scheduled a live stream to chat with fans and share new music during the televised ceremony on CBS.

Almost 40 minutes past his scheduled 8 p.m. ET log-in time and numerous attempts later, Bieber took to Twitter and wrote, "livestream is over capacity [and is] not letting me in the room give me a second lol." Due to the overwhelming number of Beliebers who might be let down, he instead promised to post a video.

Around 10:30 p.m., fans finally got a taste of what they had been waiting for all night long: a glimpse of their shirtless pop star in what appeared to be a home movie theater. Explaining that he's currently on vacation without high-speed Internet, Bieber said, "It's just not working. My fans are just overpopulating the sites and I just don't think it's going to work. So I'm just going to make a video and play some new music."

Shortly into the almost two-minute-long message, the Biebster cut the chitchat and unveiled an unfinished clip of a new, airy R&B tune called "You Want Me," on which he sings of wooing a girl away from her problems.

"I can take you to a new world/ Take your problems away/ Tell me what you want to do girl/ Just come right this way," he softly croons on the mid-tempo cut. After posting the video, the singer tweeted, "its not finished but heres a little part a song I'm working on," with a link to the track on SoundCloud.

Even though he didn't receive any Grammy love, the Biebs kept quite busy this past weekend. Just a day earlier, the pop star served double duty on "Saturday Night Live," where he confronted a few controversies including the leaked photos of the star smoking weed.

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