Grammy Girl Power Gains Muscle With Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger'

Clarkson's hit single is up for Song of the Year at 2013 awards after training for the top.

Before her 2013 Grammy Awards nominations, Kelly Clarkson was just doing what she does best — standing tall as the queen of the kiss-off anthem. And nothing proved that more than her inescapable single, "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You.)"

With its fist-pumping beat and feisty lyrics, the single unsurprisingly became a hit for the former "American Idol" winner, subsequently flooding airwaves, becoming an instant add to girl-power playlists and eventually gaining a spot in the race for Song of the Year.

Yet, before it did all that, "Stronger" was everywhere but radio. In October of 2011, Clarkson tweeted the official version of the track after a leak hit the internet, shortly after, the song, along with the singer, were featured in a Toyota commercial. The empowerment-themed breakup track soon began to gain traction with Clarkson deciding to release a flash-mob music video featuring her fans nearly a month before the song hit mainstream radio in January of 2012.

Seven weeks after its release, the song became Clarkson's third to top the Billboard Hot 100 charts for three non-consecutive weeks, and eventually topped five separate Billboard charts. In July, the single surpassed Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" to become the top-selling single by a contestant from "American Idol."

Clarkson rode the success of "Stronger" and her certified fifth platinum album throughout the year with two tours, a stint on "Duets" and the release of a greatest hits album. Yet now, Clarkson is hoping to add one, or four more things, to this chapter in her success: a Grammy.

The season-one "Idol" champ got herself nominations in four major categories, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year. With a win, Clarkson will get her first Grammy since she won two back in 2006 for another breakup song, "Since U Been Gone."

And maybe that's a good thing, since "Stronger" reminds her so much of that hit song.

" 'What Doesn't Kill You,' I can't wait to perform that live," the singer told us in 2011. "We've already rehearsed it, and it's so much fun. It's like this big dance anthem. That'll be the one [that's] kinda like 'Since U Been Gone,' [with] people jumping up and down to [it], and it's just kind of really inspiring, so I can't wait to perform that one."

And even though she is newly engaged to Brandon Blackstock doesn't mean fans will stop hearing these feisty, sassy songs from the Breakup Anthem Queen.

"A lot of times, if I'm writing it ... a lot of people think that's about a guy; it's not actually about that. It's more about my work environment," Clarkson said. "I write 'metaphorically speaking' a lot. Sometimes it's not always about a guy; I just end up writing it more that way because it's better for mainstream radio."

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