Rick Ross Shooting Proves 'Devils' Are Out There

Ace Hood tells MTV News he's staying 'prayed up' for Ross a week after the Maybach boss was shot at in Florida.

Rick Ross can always count on the support of his power circle, especially after an incident like January 28's drive-by shooting targeting the Maybach Music MC. The Bawse has kept relatively quiet since he was shot at last week, but those close to him assure us that he is doing just fine.

"Far as I'm concerned, he's good, man. Ross is good. It's important we always stay prayed up, things happen," Ace Hood told MTV News on Wednesday of Rozay, who has recently collaborated with on his new single "Bugatti."

Right now it is unclear who shot at the MMG mastermind. Many have speculated whether the street organization known as the Gangster Disciples were behind it all; a number of different factions of the gang issued online video threats to Ross late last year.

Ace doesn't know who was involved either, but suggested that the attack was something ungodly. "The devils, you got the devils out there," he said. " It's important that we stay focused and keep grindin'. At the end of the day the motive for me is get money, feed my family, do it for my team, do it for everybody around me, stay positive and just keep winnin', man. Trials and tribulations, we all go through 'em."

Hours before the shooting, Ross and a number of friends were celebrating his birthday at Miami's popular Club Liv. There were a ton of tweets and Instagram pics publicly broadcasting the rapper's whereabouts, and while it has been reported that Rozay upped his security since the incident, it's unclear if he will take any precautions on social media.

Even before the shooting, Ace Hood was cautious about what messages he sends out. "I always be cautious on the things that I do. That's just in life. Not only me, you as well have to be mindful of the places you may go," he told us. "You just never know, you never want to get yourself in any predicaments, but we all just gotta stay safe."