Jae Millz Shows His Worth On Dead Presidents 2

Young Money spitter delivers all original tracks and leaves the freestyles on the cutting room floor.

Main Pick

Headliner: Jae Millz

Representing: Harlem, New York

Mixtape: Dead Presidents 2

Lyrics have always been Jae Millz's calling card. Whether facing off against rival rappers on the streets of Harlem or repping with Lil Wayne's Young Money crew, the battle-tested Millz always delivers. On his latest Dead Presidents 2, the Most Hated One isn't relying on his rep, instead he is taking things up a notch and setting new challenges for himself.

For one, the sequel to his 2010 tape will feature all original music, with no freestyles or recycled beats. "I don't feel nobody wants to hear Jae Millz rappin' over A$AP's beat or Kendrick's beat," Millz told Mixtape Daily of DP2, which drops for free on Tuesday (February 5) on Datpiff.com. "They ain't gonna respect that because I've been doing that for so long."

On the pounding "Everyday Anthem," Jae first reworks the lyrics to the popular children's song "Miss Mary Mack" to a sinister-yet-catchy hook. With the verses he cuts the kid's stuff and delivers straight bars. "Get too close, my shooters show you how those snubs work/ F---in' with Millz is deadly as Magic's blood work," he spits, adding on to the long list of rap's Magic Johnson references.

"Sleep With My Shades On" details an all-night sexual encounter, while "The God" finds Jae paying homage to his New York City rap roots. "I'm like graffiti in bathrooms with bad fumes/ Skully with the lint balls, corner store sh--/ I'm on that Wu-Tang-In-Ya-Walkman '94 sh--," he raps painting a picture of the Big Apple's gritty past.

With a roster that boasts the talents of Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga, just to name a few, on Dead Presidents 2, Jae Millz once again proves that Young Money has a deep pool of talented individuals who all bring their own brand of something to the table.

Joints to Check For

» "Sleep With My Shades On"- "It's just one of them songs like you just had a real good night, you wake up in the morning and you might have your whole outfit on. And you got your shades, your hat, everything is just on. It's like that was just a great night."

» "Everyday Anthem"- "This is featuring my boy Cassius Clay; personally one of my favorite songs on the mixtape. It's just one of those songs that I turn up to."