I Was In Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance: Superfan Tells All!

One lucky 'casted' member of the Bey Hive exclusively takes us behind the scenes of the haltime show.

This time last year, I busily began cutting out photos, words and phrases from magazines that would ultimately make up my 2012 vision board. A reminder of all the things I wanted to be and accomplish, I'd look it over every so often. Mostly, though, I forgot about it as I went about my life. That is, until a few weeks ago when one email sent me running back to it.

"Congratulations! Your group has been selected to participate in the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show starring Beyoncé!" the message read. It didn't take me long to turn again to that vision board: And there it was, a picture of a woman with a hustler's spirit and a Queen by all means — the one and only Beyoncé.

Say what you will about the power of a vision board, but I was about to join Bey on the field at the big game! So how did I — a lawyer, media correspondent and style blogger with little interest in football — wind up in a halftime show for the most-watched television event in America? Well, back in December, I responded to a Facebook post looking for fans to perform in the superstar's halftime show. Out of thousands of applicants, I was chosen, and this is my Super Bowl diary.

Journal Entry #1

The guidelines for applicants had stipulated that if chosen, each must have nine people to form a group of 10. There would also be two mandatory rehearsals in New Orleans. No travel or hotel included. Crap! But I had signed up for this seemingly impossible dream, and now I had till January 20 to finalize my group roster. The first practice would be on January 27, the second on January 31, with game day of course on February 3. The entire group of 10 would have to be in New Orleans for over a week! Cut to me with my mind boggled and my wheels spinning.

I started calling and texting the friends who I had signed up: "We got it! We're in! Can you do it?" For most, the logistics were totally insurmountable. We needed plane tickets, places to stay, and what about work? With every phone call, I got less and less excited. Friends were dropping off the list left and right, and I was starting to think it would never happen.

But eventually, we brought the head count to the reuired 10. This was really happening!

Journal Entry #2

Officially on the way to NOLA! I'm still in disbelief that in a few short days, I am going to boom kack for my life with Beyoncé. Just two weeks ago I was contemplating whose house I would be cocktail-ing and noshing at for the game, and now I'm contemplating hashtags for Team In a Word Fab's social media check-ins. (Included in a strict confidentiality agreement was a stipulations that no cellphones are allowed into the any of the rehearsals.)

Tomorrow we'll get a real sense of what our role in the show will be. All I know is that we are "Casted Fans" who will be a part of Beyoncé's on-field audience, so we're expected to bring serious energy. For some reason, I don't think that will be a problem.

Journal Entry #3

So today was our first day of rehearsal for the Super Bowl and I'm, in a word, tired. Twelve-hundred people in all — cheerleaders, dance teams, friends and co-workers — checked in at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, Louisiana. The energy was electric and there was more than one dance-off!

Finally, the production team and told us that we were going to practice entering and exiting the field. We perfected the "Single Ladies" hand-wave and pumped our hands in the air. After about four hours, we were dismissed with a boxed lunch and instructions for Thursday's dress rehearsal.

Journal Entry #4

Confession: My gluten-free diet has gone completely out the window in New Orleans since I've decided everything is better fried. After a night on Bourbon Street, Team In a Word Fab was headed to the Superdome for dress rehearsal.

On the field, we spotted Kelly Rowland and Miss Tina, Beyoncé's mom, and her! She arrived onstage fresh-faced and gorgeous, signature honey-blond hair swept to the side, a black long-sleeve tee and a pair of Phillip Lim harem pants. Practice was on. Cut to us running and screaming into our positions in the left "face" of the field and suddenly Beyoncé is running through the entire show, from "Love on Top" to "Halo." Beyoncé was super shy and gracious. It was 10 p.m. before we were allowed to leave, tired, hungry and thankful.

Journal Entry #5

Crawfish. Period.

P.S. We were asked by Beyoncé via email to learn the words to "Halo" for the ending of her show. She does know we're Super Fans right?

Journal Entry #6

Mama, we made it! I am in complete shock! Not only did we just dance, scream and jump up and down as Beyoncé completely slayed the Halftime Show in front of millions, but the cherry on top was that I actually got camera time. As soon as we got out of the stadium, my phone was filled with congratulatory texts and screenshots of me and my godsister, Brooke, with our mouths wide open as we shouted through "Single Ladies."

The final performance was absolutely flawless though and will go down as one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.

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