Will Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic Get Even Bigger After #1 Debut?

A Billboard editor tells MTV News that the singer could move 100k units in his first week.

It seems all the teasing and tweets are going to pay off as Justin Bieber is about to do it again. The singing sensation's latest release, Believe Acoustic, is slated to debut at #1 on next week's Billboard chart. This marks his fifth chart-topper since he hit the scene.

But, just how big will the album be?

"It'll be a nice number considering it's an acoustic album based on songs that have been generally previously released," Keith Caulfield, associate director of charts/retail at Billboard, told MTV News, noting that it's likely to sell more than 100k in its first week.

Bieber's biggest competition this week includes Andrea Bocelli's Passione and Destiny's Child's compilation disc, Love Songs. But it seems that Bieber's fans have fended off any competition again, making the teen star an unstoppable force on the charts. And Caulfield credits his 2012 release Believe as one of the main reasons for his staying power.

"He was able to find success with his all-important sophomore album. Oftentimes the second album for an artist who is a phenomenon with their first album, often times that second album is a very difficult album because sometimes that heat just isn't there anymore. And, he was able to buck that trend," he said, noting that his biggest hits all stem from that album.

"He's been able to grow as an artist and have his fans grow with him," Caulfield further added. "At the same time, he's found new fans. That's really hard to do for artists that are teen and tween focused. Oftentimes, those fans grow up and move on, but he's been able to retain them to a certain degree and find new fans that actually like his music for the music. I think that says a lot about him as an artist and where he's at right now in his career."

Believe Acoustic strips down many of those tunes off that last album, but he's also giving fans something else, providing them with three new tracks. "Stripping away sort of all of the production and boiling it down to a very simple arrangement, which is him and his vocals and just sort of showcasing him and the songs himself, which is in a way what got him to where he is now," Caulfield said of the release, which harks back to his Kidrauhl acoustic YouTube video back story. "[It's] reminding people 'No I am an artist. I'm not just the guy on Instagram. I'm not just pyrotechnics. I am a true artist'."