Cyhi The Prynce Gives Feel G.O.O.D. Music On Ivy League: Kick Back

'You can party to it; you can chill to it; you can ride to it,' Atlanta MC tells Mixtape Daily of his latest project, which drops Tuesday.

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Headliner: Cyhi the Prynce

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: Ivy League: Kick Back

Now that G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer has passed and winter is in full swing, Cyhi the Prynce is back to work, dishing slick-tongued rhymes over hard-hitting beats on his newest mixtape, Ivy League: Kick Back.

"The sound of this mixtape is really just feel-good, good kick-back vibe," Cyhi told Mixtape Daily of the tape he and DJ Holiday will be dropping Tuesday on "'You can party to it; you can chill to it; you can ride to it."

The tape is a continuation of Prynce's 2012 tape Ivy League Club. While he is signed to the world's most famous college dropout and has never attended an Ivy League school, don't underestimate Cyhi's intelligence. "I felt like I was one of the most intelligent guys running the streets when I was running the streets. I felt like it was a good way to explain my upbringing," he told us when promoting the first tape.

With two key appearances on Cruel Summer ("The Morning" and "Sin City"), Cyhi has set himself up nicely for a productive 2013. After all being a part of a clique as diverse as G.O.O.D. has only enhanced his musical abilities. "I'm more hip-hop than the average Atlanta rapper may be, and me coming through with Kanye has made me so much hip-hop that it's hard to do my own city music," he told MTV Hive last week. "The music I may party to -- I like doing that music too, but people just love to hear me rap. So, I kind of have to appease both sides of the spectrum."

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