Macklemore 'Never' Thought 'Thrift Shop' Would Hit #1

'I want to make music that I like; not something that I have to make because I think it's going to sell,' Macklemore tells MTV News.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis shop in thrift shops, because, let's face it, who can keep up with ever-changing trends and hip-hop's expensive tastes? And it looks like their fans are just as frugal, judging from the overwhelming success of their #1 single "Thrift Shop."

Now, as confident as Macklemore is in his rapping ability, not even he saw this coming.

"Never, never, absolutely not," the rapper told MTV News on Friday (January 25) over the phone. "I thought it was going to be like a niche demographic that some of our fanbase would like. I never thought that it would be much more than that."

At first, the duo weren't even considering the song as a single in the traditional sense, but it caught on and now is fast-approaching the 2 million sales mark. The track, with its comedic lyrics and horn-filled instrumental, sounds nothing like hip-hop's current crop of hits, and in Macklemore's opinion, that's where the appeal lies.

"I think hip-hop goes in waves, and it's something that's different. It's a concept. It's obviously against the status quo of what people normally rap about," he said. "This is a song that goes against all of that. How much can you save? How fresh can you look by not looking like anybody else? And on top of that, you have an infectious beat and a hook that gets stuck in people's heads."

He also credited the knee-slapping video, which has more than 65 million hits on YouTube.

So has all this newfound success added pressure to Mack and Ryan? Not in the least. Macklemore said the duo still plan to roll out more singles from their current album, The Heist, but aren't necessarily chasing the accolades. "I want to continue to push it. I want to shoot a couple of more music videos. Will those songs and videos be as successful as 'Thrift Shop'? I have no idea," he said. "I don't want to feel that pressure when in the studio trying to create. I want to make music that I like; not something that I have to make because I think it's going to sell."

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