If Beyonce Lip-Synched, She's Not Alone

Jennifer Hudson, Madonna and more have all opted for lip-synching with the eyes of the world watching.

A day after her show-stopping national anthem performance at President Obama's second inauguration, the debate rages on over whether Beyoncé lip-synched the whole thing.

But, given just how pervasive lip-synching is in the world of pop music, and how big of a scale the inauguration is, it wouldn't be too surprising if Beyoncé opted for the pre-recorded version. In fact, all the talk got us here at MTV News thinking about all the other famous lip-synched performances. We've rounded up some of the more memorable ones, including moments from other divas like Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson.

The Gold Standard

Whitney Houston's 1991 Super Bowl performance has always been the go-to for "Star-Spangled" perfection. But, Beyoncé should take solace in knowing that even the late, great diva lip-synched her rendition of the national anthem.

The Jig's Up

Ashlee Simpson made many a headline when she was quite obviously lip synching on "Saturday Night Live" back in 2004. She blamed it on her acid reflux, explaining that the condition was the reason why she opted for the backing track, but gave no reason for why she thought that silly jig would distract us from it. It didn't work. Nearly a decade later, we're still talking about it.

Oops...She Did It Again?

Weeks after Obama's first inauguration, Beyoncé took the stage at the 2009 Oscars to perform alongside folks like Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron and "Mamma Mia!" stars Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried. Shortly after the show ended, fans began to wonder if Bey's portion had been pre-recorded. The speculation was later sort of confirmed by the Academy in a statement which said they sometimes rely on pre-recorded tunes in the broadcast.

All The Dreamgirls Are Doing It, Mom

That same year, when Jennifer Hudson performed the national anthem at the Super Bowl, she took the stage to a pre-recorded version. "American Idol" music director Ricky Minor confirmed that she wasn't the only one who opted for some lip-synch action. Faith Hill also performed a pre-recorded version of "America the Beautiful" that same year.

Proving just how unavoidable lip synching is, when Bruce Springsteen took the stage with the E Street Band during the halftime show the band used pre-recorded tape which Springsteen sang over live.

If the Queen Can Do It...

If was fairly obvious that Madonna wasn't doing it live during her 2012 Super Bowl halftime spectacular. But, considering the costume changes, the dancing and M.I.A. flipping America the bird, it's hardly surprising that Madge relied on a backing track during the gig.

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