'Jersey Shore' Series Finale Pulls Off One Last Prank

MTV News celebrates series finale with its top four moments.

It's officially a wrap on the "Jersey Shore." After six seasons, the eight housemates that we have grown to know and love said their goodbyes to the Seaside Heights boardwalk Thursday night in an emotional, yet drama-filled episode.

From epic pranks to epic parties, the "Jersey Shore" cast packed it all into the final days spent at the Jersey Shore and reminded us just how much they have grown up since we first met them three years ago.

Here's a look at our top four favorite moments from the final episode of "Jersey Shore."

Bonfire on the Beach

Friends and family gathered in Seaside Heights for one last summer bash, but this time the roommates took the party out of the club and onto the beach with their first, and last, bonfire.

Vinny's mom brought the food and Uncle Nino brought the laughs, but things got a little uncomfortable when Mike "The Situation" kept bragging to partygoers about being in the "best shape of his life" and that he now has "catlike reflexes." Well, it seems he still has some work to do after being beaten by Snooki's fiancé Jionni, in a friendly game of beach football. As Pauly likes to say: "Awkward!"

Paula: Queen of the Pranks

After several summers of hook-ups, "The Situation" decided to make it official with Paula during season six of "Jersey Shore." Now, even though the relationship may have lasted as long as a G.T.L. session, Paula wasn't going down without a fight.

During the final episode, "The Situation" celebrated his birthday and to mark the special occasion, Paula decided to bake him a cake. Well, little did "The Situation" (along with Pauly and Deena) know that Paula added a very inedible ingredient to the baked goods, which Ronnie dubbed the "nut cake" and the "best prank played in this house."

Worst part of the whole stunt? "The Situation" got so mad trying to get in touch with Paula after he found out what he ate that he destroyed the duck phone. R.I.P.

Final Night on the Boardwalk

The cast of the "Jersey Shore" celebrated their last night, just as they did the first, on the rooftop deck of their Seaside home, minus Snooki stripping down in the hot tub. The group of close-knit friends reminisce on some of the good times, Deena's strip tease for "The Situation," and bad times, including the shocking and frightening punch a male bar-goer gave Snooki.

Yet, as they reflected on all of these memories, there was no denying that each one brought them closer together as a family, with Vinny stating, "At the end of the day, we really have a bond together that no one else could share."

So Hard to Say Goodbye

After one last breakfast together, the housemates packed up their belongings for their final goodbye to each other, and the house that they have called home for four summers.

After an emotional big group hug filled with "I love you's" and plenty of tears, they turned to look one more time at the house. "This changed all our lives," Jenni said.

For their final moment together they put their hands in for a "Jersey Shore" cheer before getting in their cars and driving off, leaving Seaside Heights behind... until next summer.

What was your favorite moment from the "Jersey Shore"? Let us know in the comments.

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