From Rihanna To Taylor Swift: 'I Knew You Were Trouble.' Star Explains Bad-Boy Appeal

Reeve Carney talks about what draws stars to 'intoxicating' relationships like the one in 'I Knew You Were Trouble.'

While watching Taylor Swift's video "I Knew You Were Trouble.," it's clear that sometimes it's the good girls who fall for bad boys.

It's been the subject of some of the most memorable music videos that have hit the streets recently, including Rihanna's "We Found Love" video and Lana Del Rey's "Ride" clip (the latter of which was directed by "Trouble" helmer Anthony Mandler). And, Swift's "Trouble" co-star, Reeve Carney, thinks he knows why pop stars keep picking the wrong guys in their videos.

"I think it's such a classic paradigm for any sort of relationship that's intoxicating," he told MTV News. "I mean it goes back to James Dean in 'Rebel Without A Cause,' or maybe even before that maybe but in cinema at least. And I think it's something that is familiar to people and it's just a classic relationship that's kind of never going to get old, for whatever reason. I don't know why. I think things that are unknown, while they're scary, they spark you curiosity. All those videos are great."

When Carney got the chance to see the video in completion, he knew that some magic had been created thanks to the team who cooked up the edgy video. "I thought it was great. Anthony Mandler's amazing ... he's such a great guy, too. We actually have the same birthday, 10 years apart but exactly the same day. We joked about that, but he's such a creative guy. And both he and Taylor Swift have such great instincts. They work quickly and they're both really, really a joy to be around."

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While the video is driven by the toxic relationship between Carney's and Swift's on-screen personas, much of who they are in the video is relayed through their style. Whether it's Swift and her pink-tipped hair, or Carney and all those tats, their styles help to further the narrative.

"I personally do not have any tattoos. It's my form of rebellion to not get any tattoos because we're living in a generation where everyone's sort of all tatted up, but it was really fun," he said. "It helped me having those tattoos feeling more like that guy."

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After the video premiered last Thursday, Swift took to Twitter to share with the world how excited she was by Carney's performance in the clip, noting that he performed all his own stunts. Her kind words meant a lot to the musician and Broadway's leading man in "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark."

"Oh my gosh! I saw that and I wrote her back something on Twitter as well. I think the same thing about her," he gushed. "She's supremely talented and she has a very unique intelligence, very keen sense of observation, which I admire in an artist. And I'm flattered that she would say something like that about me. It was fun doing all the stunts."

One of those more memorable stunts happen somewhere in the middle of all their relationship drama when Carney gets into a street fight with someone who messes with Taylor. It happens to be one of his favorite moments. "That fight scene was pretty fun," he said. "It kind of goes from one mood, straight down and it was great."