Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Cruise Kick Off Our Top 50 Movie Characters Of 2012

'Woman in Black' hero, 'Django Unchained' villain and more make MTV News' list, which will be unveiled all week.

Vampires, slavers and mermen, oh my! These are just some of the monsters you'll meet on MTV Movies team's list of the Top 50 Movie Characters of 2012, kicking off today with spots 50 through 41.

Today's round up of the best film roles of the year includes super-spy ass-kickers, out-of-control super-teens, ghost-hunting lawyers and many more. Check back all week as we continue counting doing to the number one character of 2012!

50. The Merman ("The Cabin in the Woods")

Easily my favorite movie punch-line of the year, the Merman is a mythical monster teased throughout "Cabin In The Woods," finally rearing his ugly head in the most ironic and over the top of fashions in the final act of the film. Given the secretive nature of "Cabin," I won't divulge too much about the plot, but it is safe to say that the Merman, though having a minor appearance in the film, managed to slowly (painfully slowly) claw his way into my memory and land firmly in our #50 spot. — Brian Phares

49. Pete ("This is 40")

Pete's life might not be everything he wanted it to be, but it's pretty entertaining watching him try to make sense of it all. In the faux sequel to "Knocked Up," "This Is 40" gives an inside look at a couple just trying to make it through their days without killing each other. Paul Rudd's natural affability shines through as the big dreaming, low achieving Pete. He is flawed, real, and definitely someone you'd want to have a beer with. — Christina Beale

48. Stacee Jaxx ("Rock of Ages")

Cod pieces never looked as, um, interesting as they do on Stacee, the lead singer of the biggest fictional rock band that ever was, Arsenal. Listen, we never could have imagined that lurking inside the well-preserved Oscar-nominee that is Tom Cruise is a swaggerfied rock god with the vocal abilities to rival most professional singers. Stacee is not only a talented singer, but also a man who knows what he's doing with the ladies. But Cruise's often scantily clad Stacee is more than just bravado and sexual napalm; he's also a man who loves love, and finds himself changed after he meets Malin Akerman's rock-writer character. Aww! — Jocelyn Vena

47. Garrett ("The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2")

In the hands of another actor nomadic vampire, Garrett could have easily been a throwaway character among the already very large cast of "Breaking Dawn -- Part 2," but with Lee Pace in the role Garrett was a scene-stealing force to be reckoned with. Unlike the restrained and always-in-control ways of the Cullens there is a raw and refreshing masculinity in Garrett, a vampire who feeds on humans, that is as captivating as it is attractive. Plus Garrett had some of the best lines in the movie, due in part to his highly entertaining romance with Kate: ""If we live through this, I'll follow you anywhere woman." We'll follow him anywhere, theoretically speaking of course. — Kara Warner

46. Aaron Cross ("The Bourne Legacy")

Jeremy Renner didn't give the "Bourne" franchise a radical makeover when he took over the lead CIA assassin role from Matt Damon in the same way Daniel Craig did when he swiped Bond's martini glass from Pierce Brosnan. "The Bourne Reinvention" this was not. But who cares? Cross' backstory was gobsmackingly absurd — his super-agent is only a super-agent because his government-supplied meds ensure the nincompoop doesn't start gazing at his navel instead of saving the world — and Renner still gave us a top-notch hero who doesn't let his bad guy-nabbing day job get in the way of his lady-snagging talents. That sort of timeless badass doesn't need to aspire to reinvention. He's perfect just as Hollywood made him. — Eric Ditzian

45. Mallory Kane ("Haywire")

Payback is a bitch ... named Mallory Kane. When the black-ops agent is betrayed by her own organization, she takes matters into her own lethal hands, trotting the globe to clear her name and taking out any man who stands in her way. As played by mixed martial artist and former American Gladiator Gina Carano, Mallory is the embodiment of the modern-day femme fatale — seducing as easily as suckerpunching. And don't even get us started on those thighs. — Amy Wilkinson

44. Andrew ("Chronicle")

"With great power comes great responsibility." Andrew Detmer clearly did not read that memo. The people of Seattle probably aren't big fans of the super-powered teen, but his carnage was an absolute joy to watch from afar. Dane DeHaan owned this role, delivering one of the most terrifying (yet surprisingly sympathetic) movie characters all year long. Bring on Harry Osborn! — Josh Wigler

43. Young Agent K ("Men in Black 3")

Josh Brolin sure knows how to make an impression. The inimitable Tommy Lee Jones found himself at the heart of the best imitation of the year with Brolin's turn as a younger Agent K in the third "MIB" film. Jones' presence (or severe lack thereof) is hardly even felt in the sequel because of Brolin's spot-on replication of Agent K in his youth. It's not the most memorable movie of 2012, but it's easily one of the best performances of the year. — Josh Wigler

42. Arthur Kipps ("The Woman in Black")

The boy who lived, come to die ... except this is not the boy you remember. Daniel Radcliffe broke away from the "Harry Potter" mold he's best known for with this bone-chilling thriller, playing a widowed father and lawyer forced to take on a haunting assignment in order to keep his job and provide for his young son. It's a radically different character than Radcliffe has ever given us before, and it's one that we won't soon forget. — Josh Wigler

41. Calvin Candie ("Django Unchained")

A spaghetti western about the pre-Civil War South needs a personification of the pure evil that was slavery. Not only did Quentin Tarantino and Leonardo DiCaprio give us exactly that in the form of Calvin Candie, but they enjoyed themselves every step of the way. A merciless deconstruction of the myth of the southern gentleman, Candie is exactly the unrepentant, venom-spewing monster the story of Django needed and the type of monster DiCaprio has waited a long time to play. — Kevin P. Sullivan