Golden Globes 2013 Nominees: Winners And Losers

Underdog 'Django Unchained' gets major recognition while other popular favorites, like 'Dark Knight Rises,' got shut out of this year's Globes.

Abraham Lincoln wasn't much of a vampire-hunter this year, but the historic American leader is proving to be a much more capable awards-magnet.

The 2013 Golden Globes nominations were announced today (December 13), and even though victory hasn't been declared for any of the nominees just yet, we can already identify some winners and losers based on a variety of factors, including the number of nominations received — a number that amounts to zero in some cases.

From big winner Honest Abe to the defeat of the Dark Knight, here's our list of the winners and losers among this year's Golden Globe nominees.

Winner: "Lincoln"

Hail to the chief! Among the nominees, no film fared better than "Lincoln," Steven Spielberg's in-depth exploration of the 16th President of the United States. Honest Abe secured seven nods, including the Best Actor category for Daniel Day-Lewis, whose win is all but in the history books at this point. In a time of year positively drenched in "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Les Misérables" buzz, this is a reminder that Spielberg's biopic cannot be underestimated in the ongoing awards season.

Winner: "Django Unchained"

Quentin Tarantino's late-out-the-gate Southern could be picking up some Oscar steam based on its presence at the Globes. "Django" roped in five nominations: Best Motion Picture Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Director for Tarantino, and two Supporting Actors nods for Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz. The "D" may be silent, but the "Jango" is very well-represented at this year's show. Expect at least one win, most likely for DiCaprio's turn as loathsome slaver Calvin Candie.

Loser: "The Dark Knight Rises"

If you were holding out hope for Christopher Nolan's last dance with the Bat to become a last-minute awards season contender, you should put them to rest now. "Rises" went completely unnoticed at the Globes this year, which makes any future Oscar love an unlikely prospect at best. That's what happens when you hang up the cape and cowl for eight years, Bruce! You get soft!

Winner: "Moonrise Kingdom"

The people of New Penzance have spoken! The nominations for "Moonrise" don't amount to the total number of Khaki Scouts in Troop 55, but the Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical pick-up is a step in the right direction for one of the year's most underrated movies. It stands little chance against the powerhouse that is "Les Mis," but a nomination here could get "Moonrise" in the door at the Oscars.

Loser: "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"

Peter Jackson's return to Middle-earth is the perfectly dazzling blockbuster to close out a year of perfectly dazzling blockbusters, but it doesn't look like a major awards contender. Credit the lack of "Hobbit" love at this year's Globes to any number of factors — the super-strong field of contenders, the controversy of 48 frames per second, the decision to turn one children's book into an epic trilogy of films — but no matter how you slice it, there's just no second breakfast left over for Bilbo Baggins.

Winner: "Homeland"

In TV land, Showtime's counter-terrorism thriller continued its hot streak at the Globes after dominating this year's Emmys. The show itself scored a Best Drama nomination, lead actors Claire Danes and Damian Lewis got nods, and the incredibly underrated Mandy Patinkin snuck into the Best Supporting Actor field for his turn as veteran CIA operative Saul Berenson. But with public opinion turning against "Homeland" during the late stages of its second season, will the winning streak go beyond the nomination stage?

Loser: "Mad Men"

Normally considered a sure thing come awards season, "Mad Men" found itself completely shut out of the Best Drama category this year. Jon Hamm represents the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce team with a Best Actor nomination; beyond that, nada. The show's fifth season wasn't necessarily its strongest, no, but the lack of recognition for outgoing actor Jared Harris in the Supporting category is a real shame. His work as Lane Pryce, standing on the edge of the end of his life, was some of the most compelling acting in any medium all year long.

Loser: "The Walking Dead"

2012 was a massive year for comic book movies and television, but not on the awards circuit. AMC's zombie drama, like "Mad Men," got shut out of the major categories at the Globes this year. Not a major surprise considering the show's lackluster second season, but there are few arguments against its currently airing third year: top-notch acting, rapid-fire pacing, courageous storytelling and, yes, the grossest gross-out imagery money can buy. Season three of "Walking Dead" is must-see television, and it's disappointing that the Globes didn't take a bite.

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