One Direction's 3-D Flick Has NYPD Stopping Traffic

Haylor party together in the Big Apple while the rest of guys have a brush with the law.

One Direction may want to brush up on the U.S. driving laws. Amid their Big Apple takeover this week, the U.K. boy band was pulled over while they were carousing around New York City, filming scenes for what may be their 3-D movie.

It all went down on Wednesday while Louis Tomlinson was spotted by two New York City police officers, holding a camera whilst standing out of his chauffeured SUV's sunroof. In footage posted online, Louis pokes his head from the car's sunroof, looks to the camera and appears to say, "We're hip-hop for the week man. You can only be it once."

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Wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt and a fuzzy, knit cap, he then turns his own camera on himself and as the car drives around, he lip syncs something. Soon, the footage cuts to the two NYPD officers talking to the driver, with Tomlinson and Niall Horan safely inside the vehicle. While it may be connected to the band's daredevil driving, the cops could have just been big 1D fans. In the end, one of the officers takes a photo with Louis while the other chats up Niall before they head off.

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The boys told MTV News last month that Horan would definitely help film parts of the August 2013 film release being helmed by Morgan Spurlock.

"They've given me a camera for the movie, so we're going to be going around," he said, before sharing what fans should expect from the documentary/concert film. "Morgan works well because like you said, he did a lot of documentary movies. That's more so what we want our movie to be. It's going to be a concert movie, but with a documentary side than concert side so we wanted to give it like get our personalities across because the fans know us, but we want them to know us deeper."

While Harry Styles wasn't with Tomlinson and Horan during their brush with the law this week, he was once again spotted with Taylor Swift. Haylor was spotted leaving the Crosby Hotel, where they partied alongside Swift's pals Dianna Agron and Emma Stone.

According to a People source, the pair was hanging at a friend's birthday bash and that they were "being very smoochie." The source added that "They're not trying to hide it. The bar was packed."

Both artists will hit up Madison Square Garden on Friday night where they will take the stage as a part of Z100's Jingle Ball.

Should 1D play it safe from now on or should they "Live Like We're Young"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!