One Direction Fans Think Niall, Demi Are 'Super Good Together'

MTV News asked Directioners for dating suggestions for Niall Horan, and they unanimously voted for 'Deniall.'

Zayn had Perrie Edwards, Louis has Eleanor Caldor, Liam is supposedly back with Danielle Peazer, and as One Direction fans know all too well, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift are rumored sweethearts. But what about little ol' Niall Horan?

The blond Irishman has been enjoying the single life for quite some time, but with four of his boy band buds finding romance, this might be the moment for the singer to catch a love of his own. Niall had been linked to Demi Lovato in the past, but the two have been quick to shoot down rumors. Is there anyone else worthy of his affection? MTV News decided to check in with Directioners to get their stance on Niall's love life. They are, after all, 1D experts, which makes them just as good matchmakers.

And as much as Directioners seem to be in denial about Haylor, they are all for "Deniall." That is, Demi and Niall, of course.

"Demi is really funny, and she's nice, and she's, like, gorgeous," fan Sophia Economou weighed in. "She's not fake and she's not like super skinny."

"They would look super good together," friend Jenna Masciantonio added, as Des Dodds chimed, "She likes him." Others were just as quick to blurt out Demi's name.

C'mon guys. You can't think of anyone else?

"I think Demi Lovato because he loves her so much, and she's gorgeous and so is he," Maryleigh Oliver said confidently.

Well, we guess it's unanimous. All votes go to Demi!

"They always talk about each other so, yeah, they would be cute," Martha Papapetrou said. "And they're both fun people so they would be really fun together."

Looks like it's time for "Deniall" to happen.

What do you think about a "Deniall" romance? Sound off or leave other suggestions in the comments!

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