One Direction Hit Merch Jackpot: First Dolls, Now A Fragrance!

The yet-to-be-named 1D perfume will hit retailers in 2013.

Wondering what the fellas of One Direction want their ladies to smell like? Well, you'll soon wonder no more. The powerhouse boy band is set to launch their first-ever signature scent next year.

Following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, 1D's women's perfume will hit shelves in the fall of 2013. The band has partnered with fragrance company Olivann Beauty to create the perfume as well as "ancillary products," Women's Wear Daily reports. Olivann Beauty president Dana Kline confirmed that the fivesome have been working on the perfume for about six months now.

The name of the perfume will be confirmed in early 2013 before it hits department stores in areas where the band already has tour dates planned in the fall, followed by other markets. The guys are set to begin their massive 2013 world tour in February in Europe before landing Stateside in June.

The tour will also serve as the basis for their upcoming 3-D movie, which will be directed by Morgan Spurlock and filmed in part by bandmember Niall Horan.

"Well, we've been kind of [filming], we've always had a camera with us," Niall shared. "Like when we were touring America in the summer, we had a camera with us every day, and we were just kind of documenting stuff 'cause if it ever did come to a movie, then we'd have stuff ready for it. So we've already kind of started and the cameras are already coming out on the road with us a bit more now. Obviously doing [Madison Square Garden] next week and then the tour all year next year, hopefully it'll turn out as well as we want it to."

Fans who can't wait nearly a year to purchase the guys' perfume can (sort of) take a member of the group home with them this holiday season. One Direction just released their line of action figures this week.

"I think we all wanted them to be as authentic as possible, and obviously, if we got involved in the outfits and stuff, then it's a lot of stuff that we'd probably wear," Zayn Malik said about the "dolls." "And it's cool for the fans because they get a doll with outfits that we've picked."