Taylor Swift Goes Punk Rock For 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Video

Singer kicks country to the curb during video shoot in Los Angeles.

Taylor Swift may have kicked it old-school for her masquerade-themed 2012 American Music Awards performance of "I Knew You Were Trouble," but it seems the video for the dubstep track will keep its feet firmly placed in the now.

Swift was spotted on the set for the music video on Sunday, not long after she hit the awards show. She was photographed in L.A. rocking short hair with pink ombre ends and blunt bangs. Keeping the punk look going, she was also wearing cut-off shorts, a leather jacket and Converse kicks. In photos taken on set, she's even snuggling up with a guy, presumably her hipster bad boy love interest, on a balcony.

No word yet on when it will drop, but it would mark her third visual off her chart-topping album, Red, following-up the one-take party that was the "We Are Never Ever Get Back Together" and the Paris-set romantic stroll of "Begin Again."

Like with "We Are Never Ever Get Back Together," Swift worked with Max Martin and Shellback on the country-tinged dance track about her love affair with a bad boy. Sonically it strays a bit from Swift's country-pop sound.

"I brought in this chorus to Max Martin and Shellback and just kind of played it for them, and it was just piano/vocal, and I was like, 'At the end of the chorus, I want it to just explode,' and it ended up having a little bit of a flare to it that is reminiscent of dubstep," Swift said about the song last month. "It's very subtle, but I'm really excited because it actually sounds like the intensity of that emotion that I wrote about."

She further explained how it fits in with the rest of her album. She added, "This album is interesting because each song stands on its own. It's this patchwork quilt of different sounds and different emotions, and I don't think anything on the record sounds like 'Never Ever,' and I'm really happy about that because each song is its own approach to what that particular emotion sounds like, and it's a really, really different record from anything else I've ever done before."