Rihanna's 777 Tour: Mayhem Erupts En Route To London

MTV News team aboard Rih Rih's 777 twinjet describes the 'rowdy as hell' atmosphere as journalists lash out after a lack of sleep and food.

While Rihanna's massive 777 Tour is reaching its end, there was some madness that erupted on the plane over the weekend. After flying for days with little sleep or food, the journalists aboard Rihanna's Boeing 777 started feeling the effects somewhere over Berlin, on their way to London.

The jaunt kicked off last week in Mexico City. By its end on Wednesday, the tour would have hit seven countries (including stops in France, Paris, Canada, Sweden) over seven days with a press corps of about 150 journalists and a group of Rihanna's most dedicated fans traveling the globe to spread the message of Rihanna's latest album release, Unapologetic.

Get a first-hand account of what went down on the 777 Flight between Berlin and London!

According to our team on the tour, sitting on tarmac after hours of delays quickly escalated the situation from punchy exhaustion to full-on "bedlam," fueled by lots of alcohol but little other sustenance. It all kicked off when one of the crews aboard the flight began to shout "B Roll" in order to throw the official tour documentary's crew off their game.

To add to the already tense situation, Rihanna sightings have been few and far between. According to the team, journalists have protested at the lack of time with the singer.

Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Rosenthal wrote, "We haven't seen Rihanna offstage since the first day, unless you count her popping up at baggage claim for a few moments on the morning of the second." He went on to describe the feeling aboard the plane as "one of mild depression-cum-hysteria."

While Rihanna sightings have been rare, some celebrities have managed to make time with the journalists when they are on the ground, like Omarion, who made an appearance in Paris. But, once that they are back on the plane, waiting to hit up another city on the itinerary, "Things got so rowdy, as hell."

Thing got so rowdy, in fact, that one man even streaked on the plane amid the chaos. That prompted a Def Jam rep, Gabriel "Gabe" Tesoriero, to step out to try to control the crowd, asking that everyone sit down. The passengers agree. The team noted, "The Stockholm Syndrome is so strong everyone went silent the moment Gabe and Gabriella came out and told everyone to sit back down. Suddenly racked with terror that we're going to get into trouble."

The trip is almost wrapped. On Tuesday, they will be in London to celebrate the release of Unapologetic before wrapping up the jaunt in New York City. Stay tuned to MTV News for more on-the-scene reports from the 777 Tour.