Game Aims 'Cough Up A Lung' Dis At Shyne

Game takes his issue with Shyne one step further this weekend, with a new freestyle and video.

New York City may have been in a deep freeze last week, but Game found a way to make things hot by throwing a few verbal shots toward Shyne.

In the video for his a cappella "Cough Up a Lung (Freestyle)," which he filmed in the snow and dropped Saturday, Game stood in Union Square. "Yo, I'm in New York on the block, I know you see that it's snowin'/ Jesus piece got a Jesus piece, both of them sh--'s glowin'," the Compton, California, rapper spit before addressing Shyne for his disparaging remarks toward Kendrick Lamar and his good kid, m.A.A.d. City LP.

"N---a in Belize all into his feelings/ Because he did 10 years shootin' at the ceiling," he spit, referencing the jail bid Shyne served following the infamous Club New York incident in 1999, which also involved Diddy.

Game went on to insult Shyne's religious recommitment to Judaism and poked fun at his deportee status, which Po has been trying to fight since his release from jail in 2009: "Check my résumé, any n---a want it, I bury 'em/ But f--- this n---a, he can't get into America."

Of course Shyne took exception. "Think for a minuet.......what street guy would think its funny that the street guy he idolized is banned from the USA & the UK," he questioned over Twitter on Saturday, charging that Game at one point in his career took Po's style.

Shortly after its October 22 release, Shyne called Kendrick's good kid LP overrated, dubbing it trash in response to the glowing critical reviews and positive fan response. "Personally, I think Shyne should just back away and let the kid breathe and if not, I don't know, we might find ourselves face-to-face or sh-- that nobody really wants to see happen," Game told MTV News last month. "Kendrick is non-confrontational, he's not a thug, he's not a gang banger, he's just a dope, hip-hop lyricist, but he's from the streets and he got a lot of ties out here and a lot of good hood n---as with him and I'm one of them."

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