Ke$ha Starts A Kult In New 'Die Young' Video

Pop star hightails it to Mexico with her disciples for a sexy dance party/ orgy in her brand-new video.

More often than not, Ke$ha's music videos seem like to opportunities for her to blow through a glitter budget or hang out with James Van Der Beek, which isn't a criticism, mind you. If anything, it only makes her more endearing: Unlike all most of her pop contemporaries, she seems wholly uninterested in actually being a pop star.

Which is why, almost by default, her new "Die Young" video is probably also her best because A.) It sort of has a plot and B.) She actually seems to be trying.

In the clip, Ke$ha plays a cult (or should we say "kult") leader who hightails it down to Mexico in a hearse with her followers — all of whom are hot dudes and chicks — to have a sexy-time dance party/ orgy. There are plenty of mystical glyphs and pentagrams and dirty mattresses, and even some stock footage of animals humping, and the whole thing builds to a frothy frenzy ... until the federales show up to shut things down (as they are wont to do), with Ke$h standing defiantly at the front door.

Yes, it looks like everyone had a blast making "Die Young," and while it certainly will never be mentioned in the same breath as some of Gaga or Katy's epic clips, the whole thing is plenty sexy and sort of silly, which, I suppose, was Ke$ha's plan all along. And really, since when is she trying to compete with anyone? She does things her own way, defiantly so. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a vid more like the intimate Tokyo teaser clips she released in September but, as she's proven at every step of her rather amazing anti-career, every time you think Ke$h is going to zig, she zags. And "Die Young" is most definitely a zag.

So, if she's still taking applications, we'd like to be considered for membership in her kult. Seems like it would be a pretty fun time.

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