'The Voice' Contestants Battle Through Playoffs For Spot In Final 12

Teams Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green duke it out in the last round of live playoffs Wednesday night.

America may have re-elected Barack Obama as the president of the United States, but they have yet to vote cast their vote for the remaining finalists left on "The Voice." Coming off part one of this season's live playoff round earlier this week, the NBC reality search gave the 10 contestants on Teams Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green their big chance to sing for the superstar title on Wednesday night.

Like Monday's live showdown, each of the contestants took to the stage to prove their talents in hopes of nabbing the most votes from viewers at home. With a race that'll grant the top two contestants with an advance at the final dozen, a third lucky hopeful will also make their way to the final round by way of their judge's save. Before fans caught a glimpse of solo performances, the string of teammates banded together in true reality singing competition style for a group number of My Chemical Romance's "Sing."

Team Christina

Adriana Louise: Kicking off the evening's live performances brings pressure, but this New York native handled herself modestly with Katy Perry's "Fireworks." In her attempt to vamp up the inspirational tune, the singer threw in some more Aguilera-esque sounding belts, which left her short of breath at times. It was a challenging song that caused Cee Lo to deem her "worthy competition" and coach Aguilera to offer her nothing but praise. "The way it starts from low, builds into this mid-range and then goes super high ... to hit those notes consistently is really hard," she said.

De'Borah: From former church vocalist to "Voice" contestant, this Chi-town singer had no problem putting her own stamp on Pink's "Who Knew" Wednesday night when she leaped around stage singing the pop/rock track. Her stage presence sure had Xtina smiling and drew compliments from Levine as well. "A voice is only as good as the soul that is pushing the voice and you have all of that," the Maroon 5 frontman said.

Devyn DeLoera: She may have let her emotions get the best of her by the end of her performance of Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love." Vocal acrobats left the southern belle in a messy spot as she couldn't help turn the softer love jam into a belting blowout. While Cee Lo praised Devyn for her talents at first, he offered the singer some bold critique: "I know that you're a much better singer than this performance would suggest, so to speak."

Sylvia Yacoub: Another Katy Perry song was sung courtesy of Sylvia when she took to the piano to perform "The One That Got Away." It was an attempt to showcase the Egyptian-born singer's softer, more sensitive side. And it worked. Aguilera confessed her connection to the contestant, saying, "We seem to come from the same place and we connect on an emotional level and vocal level." Overwhelmed with emotion, Sylvia shed a few tears of joy and appears to have scored a good chance at repping Team Xtina in the finals.

Dez Duron: Dez looks like your average pop heartthrob, almost boy -band-like, but the singer let his country soul fly with Hunter Hayes' "Wanted" performance. As the only man on Team Xtina, Dez nailed his vocal performance, with compliments to his runs and ad-lib execution. It surely didn't hurt when his coach gave him the evening's only standing ovation. "You are entirely the full package," she exclaimed. "America, how can you not love this guy?"

Team Cee Lo Green

Cody Belew: During pre-taped rehearsal footage, Belew told Mr. Green he wanted to show off a different side to audiences, and that he did with his rendition of George Michael's "One More Try." Dressed in a dapper suit and tie, he sang as if he was in Sunday church with falsettos, head bobbing and body shimmying that would rival Fantasia. Belew received rave reviews and proved his coach's team worthwhile as Shelton said: "Team Cee Lo is full of many threats for the rest of us this year." Cee Lo was also rather proud of the finalist, saying, "You look like a seasoned professional, man."

Diego Val: Being comfortable with a song choice is extremely important, so when a pre-performance Val admitted that he wasn't as comfortable singing Enrique Iglesias' "Bailamos" (as much as Cee Lo thought), that should have been a red flag. Belting that sounded more like screaming and a lack of engagement as Levine called it stuck out like a sore thumb. Aguilera agreed with Levine and asked the rock singer what song he felt most at ease performing. Admitting that he's more comfortable singing his own material, the Spanish-singer confessed that it's "kind of hard" transforming major hits.

MacKenzie Bourg: If One Direction was looking for a sixth member, it probably wouldn't be MacKenzie Bourg, but he still pulled off a so-so rendition of their mega-hit "That's What Makes You Beautiful." Beginning his performance with his guitar in tow, the 19-year-old singer played it safe as he churned out the pop song and walked onto the main stage. It was a rendition that left all the judges wanting a little more from the contestant. "I kind of want to see more happen, more interesting twists and turns," Levine said.

Nicholas David: David strays to the beat of his own drum. However, is it enough to win him the acclaim "The Voice" title? That's a decision up to America to judge after seeing the long-haired singer tackle Barry White's 1974 hit "You're the First, the Last, My Everything." If judge Cee Lo had it his way though, the contestant would go take the prize home as he told David: "You can really just do no wrong in my book. I really think you deserve to go all the way."

Trevin Hunte: It looks like they really do save the best for last. Big-voiced Trevin took to the stage as the last performer of the night for his take on Michael Bolton's hit "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You." With his signature belts, delicate falsettos and rich tone, the 18-year-old proved one of the strongest of the evening. It didn't hurt that the audience wouldn't stop cheering for him either. In the simplest way possible, Shelton summed up Hunte in one line. "You have everything it takes to win 'The Voice.'" We think he's on to something.

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