Lady Gaga Uncovers 'No Floods' Demo For Her Sandy-Ravaged Hometown

'Hope this will cheer u up,' NYC native tweets about previously unreleased tune she wrote when she was 16.

Lady Gaga might be traveling around the world on her Born This Way Ball, but the singer has New York on her mind in the wake of the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy.

Over the weekend, the NYC native tweeted out her previously unreleased midtempo piano track "No Floods" as a way of showing her hometown some love. And despite being a decade old, the demo's lyrics ring strangely true as her beloved city works to recover from the aftermath of Sandy.

"East coast how are you holding up? How are you New York? Staying strong i hope, thinking of you all the time. Can't even watch news feed. i wrote this song when i was 16. so weird to hear it now because of hurricane. 'NO FLOODS' hope this will cheer u up," she wrote, pledging to come help out as soon as she can.

She added, "I'll be there as soon as i can to help my old neighborhood. I'm on tour + can't let my fans down. I want to help with my hands with all of u."

The stars of "Jersey Shore" are raising money for Sandy victims with their "Restore the Shore" benefit on November 15.

With the song's upbeat melody as her backdrop, Gaga sings about her life in the Big Apple. "I never ever thought I'd live away from everybody that I love and say goodbye/ Now I'm the princess of a downtown train/ Where everybody here, they know my game/ But when I walk down the street I hear them say/ 'There she goes, that crazy girl/ She thinks she's something in this world.' "

As the song nears it chorus, it gets a bit jazzier and strangely relevant to the city's current situation. Gaga sings, "No matter lightning or thunder/ Buckets of rainwater/ You can't flood this town/ In a world unknown/ You've gotta hold your own/ And you can't stop me/ You're never ever, ever gonna stop me now."

The same night she posted the track, Gaga also took the stage in Costa Rica for her tour, where she performed a slowed-down, emotional rendition of "Marry the Night," dedicating the song to those affected by Sandy. "Here new york, i sang a song for you tonight," Gaga tweeted.

Gaga has said that the Born This Way track is all about her love affair with her hometown. "I wrote so many songs on this new album about New York. I mean, every song on all my albums has some relationship to New York City, but one in particular, 'Marry the Night,' " she shared during the 2011 MTV special "Inside The Outside,". "That record was about my husband, New York."