Ellie Goulding And Skrillex Split

'It's over,' a source close to Goulding tells Us Magazine of the couple's year-long relationship.

They made some beautiful music together (most of which we haven't heard yet), but after a year of dating, British "Lights" singer Ellie Goulding and EDM star Skrillex have split up.

According to Us Magazine, two unnamed sources confirmed that Goulding, 25, has called it a day with the Grammy-winning dance producer (born Sonny Moore), 24, after their jam-packed schedules made the relationship too hard to maintain.

"It's over," one of the sources close to Goulding reportedly told the magazine. "There's no bad blood. Just a classic case of long distance being impossible. They hope to remain good friends." With Goulding based in her native England and Moore working out of Los Angeles, but spending most of his time on the road over the past year, a second source said the long stretches apart were too much.

"It just happened. Their schedules are just too crazy," a second source told Us. "Work schedules and distance took their toll. She's fine though."

Just last month, Goulding told MTV News she was mystified
 by the focus on her love life.

"I feel like everyone's really fascinated by my love life for some reason. I think it's because I write so explicitly about stuff. It's just how I've always been, really, with lyrics and being really honest," Goulding said while promoting her new album, Halcyon.
 "I get girls writing to me saying I've really helped them through stuff, and it makes me feel incredible. You know, serious, heavy stuff. And that, to me, I feel is one of my biggest achievements. So maybe that's the source of why people are so interested in who I am, in fact, with, or dating, whatever."

Try as she might to turn the conversation away form talk about her current dating situation, or the past ones that inspired some of the songs on Halycon, Goulding said she was trying to reach a delicate balance when talking about the album.

"It was definitely inspired by things that happened in my personal life last year that I find hard to explain," she said of the disc. "That's why it's so hard for me to do an interview and be like, 'I don't want to talk about it,' because it relates so much to what I do, but yeah, it's kind of about mix of different things."

Though you won't find any Halcyon tracks featuring Skrillex, Goulding told MTV News the pair have recorded some unreleased music she hopes to share with fans. "Who knows where that will end up?" she said. "But we've definitely done some stuff together."