On A Halloween-Costume Hunt? Jonas Brothers Tell Us Their Favorites

MTV News catches up with the JoBros after their trip to Halloween Horror Nights to find out their favorite scares.

While there's still a few days left until Halloween kicks off in all its spooky glory, the Jonas Brothers got their scare on a bit early.

You see, before they headed out on a number of reunion gigs in New York City and around the world, the guys made some time to celebrate the ghoulish day while they were on the West Coast recording tracks for their upcoming studio album.

When MTV News caught up with the trio, they recalled their recent trip to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. "We took a break from rehearsals, all lost our voices from screaming so much, went to Universal City in L.A. and it was really scary."

As it turns out, for a majority of the JoBros, Halloween ranks pretty high on the list of holidays worth celebrating. That is, unless you're Nick. "I've never dressed up for Halloween. I'm not really a big fan, they are," he confessed, before his brothers quite enthusiastically recalled some of their favorite costumes from the last few years.

"I love getting dressed up for Halloween," Joe shared. "I was Jack Sparrow; that was fun. I was a birthday cake once. I was the Three Little Pigs... I had friends with me."

While the guys didn't reveal whom or what they might be going as this year, as it turns out Joe and Kevin aren't the only two trick-or-treaters in the Jonas household.

When we talked to baby brother Frankie last year, he revealed what his go-to costume is. "I chose the zombie because I was a zombie for two years in a row ... zombies, they're like the full-on. Everyone loves zombies," he shared with us. "Zombies are the base of Halloween, 'cause you get dead, you get living and you get creepy.

"I like Chucky, 'cause it's really, like, no offense to Chucky, but he's kind of cheesy," the 12-year-old continued. "But that's what I like about him. I love old, cheesy horror movies. I love horror movies. My two favorites are probably 'Sweeney Todd' and the original 'Nightmare on Elm Street.' "