Halloween Costume Shopping With Victoria Justice Gets 'Ridiculous'

'Fun Size' star tells MTV News her favorite Halloween costume of all time was ... a ketchup bottle?

NEW YORK — This Halloween, Victoria Justice is trading in horror for laughs with her comedy "Fun Size," in theatres now.

In the Josh Schwartz-directed family-film, the Nickelodeon star takes on her first lead film role as big sister Wren. Justice's character is a high school outcast who finally gets her chance to hang out with the cool kids when the most popular guy asks her to come to his Halloween party. Instead, she's forced to babysit her brother, and, of course, disaster ensues.

Since Justice's movie is all about Halloween, MTV News decided to take her costume shopping at Abracadabra. Having a hard time deciding on just one costume, the "Victorious" star decided to pile on a few different looks, including a mask from "The Town" and werewolf gloves. She completed what she called a "ridiculous" costume with cat-eye glasses, a feather boa and a necklace. Want to see how it turned out? Click on the video!

In between deciding what accessories to add to her very festive look, Justice reminisced about her favorite Halloween costume.

"I was a ketchup bottle one year in middle school. I really liked that one, something different," Justice said. "But it's actually really funny, because when I was 8, or maybe I was a little younger, I dressed up as Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz,' and my character Wren in 'Fun Size' spends 90 percent of the movie in her Dorothy outfit, and she has these red sparkly Converse that I love."

Justice — whose favorite candy when she went trick-or-treating was gummy worms and WarHeads — has a hard time recalling her worst Halloween costume.

"That's a tough one. Not anything too bad," Justice said. "I was a nerd one year, and that was because I didn't have time to put anything together, but nothing really awful."

What was your favorite Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments!