Game Tells Shyne To 'Back Away' From Kendrick Lamar

After Shyne's attack on K-Dot's good kid, m.A.A.d city, Game says he and the MC 'might find ourselves face-to-face.'

Game has already declared himself the Doctor's Advocate, but he is also riding for fellow Dr. Dre protégé Kendrick Lamar.

The Compton, California, rap juggernaut took exception when Shyne voiced his opinion on K-Dot's good kid, m.A.A.d city by calling it "trash." Now he and Shyne have been going back and forth on the social networking site, and on Thursday, the Documentary spitter caught up with MTV News to clarify his stance.

"Whenever a shot is taken at Kendrick, I think that's the pool I'ma dive in head-first, whether there is water there or not," Game said of Lamar, whom he featured on his The R.E.D. Album before most were even checking for the rookie rapper.

"Yoooo! Kendrick Lamar is talented with a lot of potential but his album is traaaaash," Shyne tweeted on Wednesday of the Dr. Dre-helmed album before comparing it to Game and 50 Cent's debut projects. "The game Documentary even 50 get rich or die trying lived up to the hype and were classics. Good kid is trash!"

"Personally, I think Shyne should just back away and let the kid breathe and if not, I don't know, we might find ourselves face-to-face or sh-- that nobody really wants to see happen," Game said of the deported Shyne Po. "Kendrick is non-confrontational, he's not a thug, he's not a gang banger, he's just a dope, hip-hop lyricist, but he's from the streets and he got a lot of ties out here and a lot of good hood n---as with him and I'm one of them."

Shyne thrilled rap fans when he dropped his self-titled debut on Bad Boy Records in 2000, but the fall-out from the infamous Club New York shooting in 1999, which also involved Sean "Diddy" Combs, derailed his career. "I never met Shyne personally, but I had a lot of love for him," Game said. "Shyne was a guy that as a rap artist I looked up to. And then when he went to jail and did his whole 10 years, I felt like, 'damn, that's a real n---a.' "

Even with Game's fiery response, Lamar doesn't seem to be sweating Shyne's opinion much. "It's really no response [to him]," Lamar told Hip-Hop Wired on Friday. "I'm not a sensitive guy, so that's his opinion. Can't stop what the world thinks, so yeah, that's him."

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